“Jameos del agua”

    Los Jameos del Agua is the first Art, Culture and Tourism Center created by  César Manrique; a natural space created inside a volcanic tunnel.

    It was inaugurated in 1968, and the artist, painter and sculptor transformed the space into a  unique work that represents the maximum expression of his ideology: artistic  creation in harmony with the environment and nature.

    Like La Cueva de los Verdes, Los Jameos del Agua resulted from the eruption  of the La Corona Volcano. The word “jameo” has a  “Guanche” origin, and  it refers to the hole that appears after the collapse of the roof of a volcanic  tube, in this case, the volcanic tube of La Corona.

    César Manrique was able to transform the environment and enhance its beauty  even more, creating an idyllic symbiosis between the cave’s potential and his  creative resources. His vivid hands, together with his privileged mind, shaped the basalt turning it in a place unique in the world.

    The work was completed in 1977, resulting in Manrique’s first major  intervention in the Lanzarote landscape and being declared a Site of Scientific  Interest and an Asset of Cultural Interest in the category of Historic Garden. The place is formed by three jameos or openings. The Jameo Chico, where the  access to the interior is made and the restaurant is located, as well as a hidden  entrance to the famous Tunnel of La Atlántida; the Jameo Grande, where the  swimming pool is located, and the Jameo de la Cazuela, which is located behind  the stage of the auditorium.

    This is a natural auditorium with a capacity for 550 people formed by basalt  stone that offers magnificent and extraordinary acoustics. The stage is located  inside a section of the volcanic tube, giving it an unprecedented beauty and sound, and the seats are positioned following the natural slope of the floor, which  goes from the access through the Jameo Grande to the opening of the next jameo.

    The underground aquatic habitat of the Jameos del Agua is of great richness,  presenting a crystalline lagoon of about 7 meters deep. It is has been shaped by the filtration of seawater, being below sea level. This curious volcanic ecosystem  is home to some 77 endemic species of great scientific interest, among which  the Munidopsis Polymorpha stands out: it is the famous Blind Crab, protagonist  and symbol of the centre.

    *The Blind Crab is an endangered species, and metals are highly dangerous for  these small and beautiful animals. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to throw coins or other objects into the lagoon. Please help us to protect their  environment.

    Casa de los VolcanesHouse of Volcanoes

    Follow the path of lava

    The House of Volcanoes is the museum located in Jameos del Agua; a tribute to the transformative power of volcanoes.

    In addition to the exhibition of avant-garde museum resources, such as immersive experiences and virtual reality, it also offers the opportunity to experience the energy and magic of the volcanic landscapes of the area.

    The museum has three thematic axes.

    • The first takes you directly to the heart of the volcanic tube of La Corona.
    • The second focuses on the history of the House of Volcanoes and the UNESCO Global Geopark of Lanzarote and Chinijo Archipelago.
    • The third focuses on planetary analogues, places on Earth that resemble other planets in the solar system.

    In addition, there is the César Manrique room, in collaboration with the César Manrique Foundation, which is dedicated exclusively to the Lanzarote artist and his work.

    Approximate visiting time: 60 minutes

    Special Cultural Events

    Jameos Nights

    Treat yourself to a special evening with Jameos Nights to combine gastronomy and nature in an unforgettable night. In this nocturnal experience you can choose between the Classic, Premium or Vegan menu.

    Insólito Jameos del Agua – Access

    Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 09:45 am

    Experience a passionate journey down this volcanic tube transformed by César Manrique.

    • The guided journey takes off in Jameo Chico, from where you can see Túnel de la Atlántida.
    • Visitors will see Jameo de “La Cazuela”, a unique place which remains closed off to the public. You will definitely be delighted by the two interior waterfalls and the quietness of this “hidden” place.
    • The visit finishes at the Galería bar, where there will be a tasting menu of local products and wine from Lanzarote.

    Visiting time

    60 minutes approximately

    *Around 2 hours if visiting also the Volcanos House

    What to wear

    Comfortable footwear is recommended as the pavement throughout the center is made of volcanic stone. During summer, it is recommended to wear a hat or a cap, sunscreen, and sunglasses for the outdoor areas.


    Jameos del Agua has beautiful paths that unveil as you visit the place, so stand wherever you want and take pictures to capture the best memories of the centre.


    The tour of the cave is not adapted for people with reduced mobility.


    It is not possible to access with baby trolleys. It is recommended to bring a baby-carrier backpack (kangaroo). Free access for children under 7 years. Toilets outside the cave, with a baby changing table available.


    Unfortunately, due to health standards, we cannot allow pets into our establishment, except in the case of guide dogs for the visually impaired.

    We appreciate your understanding and hope you will excuse us for any inconvenience.

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