“César Manrique foundation”

    Popularly known as the House of the Volcano, the César Manrique Foundation is an impressive refuge surrounded by a sea of ​​lava. It was designed in 1968 by the artist from Lanzarote who lived there for more than 20 years.

    The location of the foundation is impressive and makes it a work of art in itself, since it is hidden in the middle of an immense mass of petrified lava that gives it an unreal character.

    As in the rest of the constructions designed by Manrique, the building blends with nature to create an eternal dialogue between the volcano and the construction, becoming a beautiful conversation worth listening to.

    As it could not be otherwise, the garden is also a surprisingly striking space, since it extends over a black sea of ​​lava and volcanic ash on which the most resistant plant elements emerge to offer an incomparable contrast of textures and colours.

    During the tour of the foundation we find unexpected spaces such as the five natural volcanic bubbles located on the ground floor, surprising spaces that communicate with each other through tunnels that were excavated in the lava. A dream pool and numerous rooms full of life and imagination complete the impressive facilities of the house.

    During the tour of the house we find different projections of interviews with different people who were related to César Manrique by means of which his life and history are narrated from different points of view.

    Throughout the museum you can also find numerous works created by the artist himself, as well as different pieces of contemporary art including works by artists such as Picasso, Tàpies or Joan Miró.

    After enjoying this marvelous house that would become an oasis of freedom for him in the middle of Lanzarote for 20 years, César decided to move to the town of Haría, where he spent his last years in what would later become Cesar Manrique House-Museum.

    Opening times

    10:00 – 17:30hrs
    Visiting time: 45 min approx.


    Adults: €10 (Combining tickets to the 2 museums: €17)
    Children under 12 years old: €3 (Combining tickets to the 2 museums: €4)
    *Tickets can only be purchased at the box office.

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