The César Manrique House-Museum is located in the middle of an extraordinary palm grove in the picturesque town of Haría, in the north of Lanzarote, where the island’s traditional way of life is still preserved. In Haría, the artist found the tranquillity and contact with nature that he appreciated so much.

    At the beginning of 1986, Manrique began construction works on his new house, bringing back life and adapting a farmhouse, in ruins, located on a farm that he had acquired in the 1970s. He approached the language of traditional architecture reconsidered from a modern vision in which aesthetics and comfort prevail. Here he lived until 1992, the year of his death. In 2013 it was opened to the public as a House-Museum.  Visitors can contemplate the rooms of the residence and the workshop in which the painter worked and spent the final years of his life.

    Through two courtyards, one accesses a surprising world of personal belongings, utensils, random found objects, and handicrafts that Manrique endowed with an aesthetic function. All in a space characterized by the nobility of the materials and the features of good taste. The exuberant exterior and interior vegetation contributes to providing serene and welcoming environments. In the workshop, isolated from the house, the original setting where he painted daily is shown, surrounded by pigments, tables with drawings, easels and unfinished paintings, preserved just as the artist left them when he died.

    The visitor will enjoy a unique experience in a peaceful natural environment. A truly unique world that allows you to get closer to the most human side of the great artist born in Lanzarote.

    *The unique conditions of the building make it partially accessible for people with reduced mobility.

    Opening times

    10:00 – 17:30hrs
    Visiting time: 45 min approx.


    Adults: €10 (Combining tickets to the 2 museums: €17)
    Children under 12 years old: €3 (Combining tickets to the 2 museums: €4)
    *Tickets can only be purchased at the box office.

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